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What's your home worth in today's marketplace?

We've all done it... searched our address on endless websites to see what their online valuations say about our home's worth. But how accurate are those estimations? The truth is, they aren't. The only way to know how much your home would sell for is to have a local professional walk through your property and see it first hand. At Park+Alley we believe this service should be precise, painless and FREE. Contact us below to get started.

Find out the true market value of your home with a FREE in-person valuation. No obligations.

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Kitchen with Marble Island

Clear the Clutter

Less is typically more when it comes to staging a home to sell. Removing all personal items, such as family photos, helps prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the home. Read More //

Deep Clean

A sparkling clean home shows well and photographs nicely. Buyers tend to look closely at things like appliances, carpets, walls and cabinet drawers.  Read More //


Normal wear and tear may be expected by buyers, but larger issues should be addressed if they could impact the value of the home or come up in an inspection. Read More //

Curb Appeal

The very first impression home shoppers will have of your property is what they see on the drive up. Basic landscaping and a clean exterior will be more inviting to serious buyers.


Modern Shower
Aerial View of a Beautiful Property

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How will I know when I've found the right agent?

There is no shortage of real estate agents or brokerages out there. Determining which professional is the right fit for you can seem overwhelming! After several years of meeting with homeowners and developing a seamless listing strategy, we have come up with the perfect agent interviewing guide that will help you feel confident in who you hire and get your home on the market in no time. Get our FREE guide in your inbox today.

Get the guide in your inbox!

Homeowner's Guide to Hiring a List
Homeowner's Guide to Hiring a List
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